Flexible workforce programs are incredibly information intensive. Data points that need to be tracked and analyzed include regular program metrics associated with personnel such as headcount, demographics, rate cards, contracts, supplier data needed to gauge effectiveness, cycle time (the amount of time it takes to fill a job,) and a host of financial information.
The Challenge
Beeline and its clients used Crystal Reports and Business Objects for reporting. Sifting through mounds of data, running stacks of reports, and assimilating endless spreadsheets yielded purely tactical information that was hard—sometimes impossible—to draw insight from. In 2010 the company developed a strategic, analytic business intelligence initiative and sought new tools with which to execute it.
The Beeline Solution
In its effort to become a more data-driven company, Beeline began using the TIBCO Spotfire® visual analytics solution internally to analyze spend across clients. Soon Beeline’s president was using it for trend analysis. Other applications for Spotfire quickly emerged in product management and client support. "Once we saw what it could do for one aspect of our business, we rapidly applied it to others," says Colleen Tiner, Vice President of Product Management. 

Intelligent workforce solutions

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