Align Outsourced Workers with Your Contingent Labor Program
Outsourced workers—facilities managers, security guards, IT help desk personnel, food service employees, janitors, etc.— are becoming an increasingly prominent part of the business landscape. Companies turn to outsourced workers and providers for dedicated personnel and streamlined costs in peripheral functions. 
The System is Not Perfect
Unfortunately, the growing presence of outsourced workers is also exposing companies to enlarged risks, including the following:
Poor policy adherence: Your company has specific requirements when it comes to onboarding, training, orientation, security and other procedures. These policies are designed to protect your organization by ensuring everyone is following the same rules and regulations. However, companies that provide outsourced workers often have disparate and inconsistent processes, making it difficult to track and verify these activities.
The same holds true for offboarding activities. When your contract with the company providing outsourced workers ends, how do they make sure their workers’ access ends as well? Do they physically procure security badges and notify your security department? Do they record all offboarding activities for your protection and to ensure compliance? The wrong answer may leave your company vulnerable to theft, property damage or worse. 

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