Building a Business Case
As businesses strive to become more agile, more dynamic and more cost-effective, the very foundation of the economy—the workforce—is changing. The use of the flexible workforce (professional staffing, temporary staffing, consulting services, outsourced workers, etc.) is on the rise and the analytics show that hundreds of thousands of temporary or contract positions have been created in the wake of the recession. While the prominence of contingent labor continues to increase, so too does the need to gain visibility and effectively manage this segment of the workforce.

That’s why companies are turning to Vendor Management Systems (VMS) in record numbers. However, researching, selecting and rolling out a VMS tool can be a time consuming and expensive process and, with so many offerings in the marketplace, many organizations simply do not know where to start.
To help, this white paper provides a roadmap to not only selecting the right tool for you, but making sure your company is prepared to utilize it effectively. 

Intelligent workforce solutions

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